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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Musings

I wasn't too sure how much schooling we would get to do today on Saturday. We had our eyes on Hurricane Isaac. Not knowing which direction he would come in on land, we had to make some preparations. Being the procrastinators we can be sometimes, of course, we didn't do all of them on Saturday. That would mean today we would have to finish them. When we awoke this morning, the reports have it missing us. That allowed us to work on our schooling. I feel the pains for others, but am so thankful it is not coming in on land here. We have been in the path of many major hurricanes and they are not fun to be in. Ok, maybe excited the first time or two, but then reality kicked in and then we realized how dangerous they are. My prayers are going out to the Gulf Coast right now. God help all of us?

I give my children an opportunity to earn extra Science points by making a hurricane project. We will see if either of them takes me up on the offer. As of right now things don't look too promising. My son is on the computer playing video games & my daughter is on Face Book. Extra credit has taken a back burner.

We did enjoy our Science today. We began a new Module and started learning about inertia, force, and friction. Our experiment included an egg again today. I'm amazed at the Science experiments that can be done with eggs. I did not realize there were so many of them. We will be learning about Newton's Laws of Motion in this module.

Enough for now, hope all of you have a great week. Happy Homeschooling!!!


Dorie said...

We are watching Issac as well. Not in the path by any means, but feeling and prayong for those who are.
Science lessons with eggs amaze me as well. The one that really got me was when we did plate techtonics with them. Who knew an egg could be so handy and versatile for science?!

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Thanks Dorie for your prayers. We were in the path, but it has moved over and puts us just out of reach of it. I hate to see storms like this come in on any of us that are on the coast line.
Eggs & Science, just can't hardly wait to see what our next experiment will be. I liked the plate techtonics one too.

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