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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Developing A Routine

Did not have time to link up with the Weekly Wrap Up, so just a quick up date of what has been happenning around here.

First of all, Mama's new job outside the home is why Mama has not been on the computer for the last week. We are having to develop new routines. I have a new job cleaning a small business in the evenings. It takes about 4 hours to give an indepth cleaning. I am enjoying the job, but missing my children & our unwinding time in the evenings. This is the first job I've had since my children were born, a huge adjustment for us.

As for our schooling, we are adjusting to new routines & all is not being accomplished. We usually school some during the day and pick up some more in the evenings after they have had a break. With my new job the schooling has to be done during the day. The children & I like our break in the middle of school time. So, due to the job, we are having to push ourselves to go on with the schooling.

I'll post more later on how things are going. Hope all of you have been having a Happy Homeschooling.

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