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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up Week 4

     In Our Life This Week: It has been a wonderful productive week. The end of the week has turned out a lot brighter than it began. We began the week thinking we may have a hurricane, but thankfully, for us, it moved over and we didn't receive anything except for a few rain showers. I'm so sorry for those that did get the storm.

     In Our Homeschooling This Week: My son finished 2 Saxon Algebra 1/2 lessons & my daughter finished 2 1/2 lessons. Bible (God's Amazing Creation) and Literature (the reading of Oliver Twist) are moving right on track.

     History consisted of us reading a few more pages in our Josephus book and notebooking some pages to go along side it. As we read the Josephus book, we are reading the book of Genesis from our Bible to see how history lines up with it. This week we learned that the first musical intsrument, Martial arts, & Blacksmiths all came from the descendants of Cain.

     Our school goal this year is to turn in one Current Event per month, so both of them turned in one today. Here's a pic of my son's:

Matthew's current event about a Christian girl under persecution.
     English was on a light note this week. We did one Shurley English lesson & attended the online class given by Alpha Omega on Thursday.

     Apologia Physical Science has us studying Newton's Laws of Motion. We are learning all about how friction & force affect inertia laws.

Today was a big coupon day so we did not get to our American Sign Language.

Here are a few pics of our Apologia Physical Science experiments for Newtons Law of Motion, 10.1 two inertia experiments: 

Here we are spinning a raw egg & a hard boiled egg. the raw egg did not like to spin & when we stop it quickly, then let it go, the raw egg starts moving again because the liquids inside were still moving.
We loved the hard boiled egg! It would spin on its side if you spun it slowly, but if you would spin it quickly the egg starts on its side & then it stands up on its own.
In this experiment we lay a coin on an index card over a jar. Now we pull it off the jar slowly the first time & the coin moves with the index card. Then we snatch the index card off quickly the second time & the coin stays in the same spot, then drops down.

Enrichment: This is what I call any extra work that my children do outside there norm for school.

     This week was the big week for our family developed BrOOK-it Program. Today was the deadline date for them to turn in to me a folder with a title page of the book they had read, an introduction paragraph to the book, 12 vocabulary words with definitions, & a conclusion paragraph to the book. Both were successful with extra in their folder. My son had a page with quotes he had read in his book, and my daughter took it upon her self to just write an essay about her book. I'm proud of the both of them.

My daughter's essay needs some grammar corrections so we plan to let that be her English for next week.

Page 1 - Title page.

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6 - Vocabulary words.
Pics of the BrOOK-it Program:

Matthew showing you his McDonald's Spicy Chicken Bites coupon for a clean room.
Sarah showing you her McDonald's Spicy Chicken Bites coupon for a clean room.
Sarah with her BrOOK-it prize, Little Ceasar's Pizza & breadsticks.
Matthew with his BrOOK-it prize, Little Ceasar's Pizza & breadsticks.

My son has been making models of old war ships this week. Here are some pics of them:

Matthew's replica of a galley ship that "so conveniently" floats in tub water.
Matthew says, "this one is called a Spanish War Sloop." Believe me they are both tried, tested & water ready!

     As for the hurricane projects that were began this week, they are still a work in progress. I'll post pics of them later. My daughter had to purchase some more supplies for her diorama so she had to put hers on hold until we went to town today.

People I've Been Praying for This Week: everyone that was in the path of Hurricane Isaac.

     This post has been tremendously long so I'll wrap it up. I'm linking up with Kris for the Weekly Wrap Up. Drop over there to see some more great weeks of other families. I know you will be blessed, I have been. Happy Homeschooling!


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, my glad the hurricane missed you guys! Looks like a productive week for you all! Great job on the Brook-it essay and those ships are awesome!

Dorie said...

Glad you were out of the path of Isaac. We just got the rain remnants up here yesterday. What a great week of learning. I like those egg and coin experiments. Your son's boats are great - we use to make some as children (definitely not so detailed, maybe a chunked out wood and sail) and race them down the creek. There is just something about making a boat go which we loved. Looks like he is having a fun time too!

Diane said...

Looks like a great week. Love the ships your son built.

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