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Monday, October 29, 2012

Updating My Blog

I have decided that I am going to make time for my blog. I miss the homeschooling blog world. Even if I have to let a household chore go I am going to blog. Even if I only get to read a few blogs a week.

Here's a quick run down of what we have accomplished since I began ,my new job. The hurricane projects were finished. I'll try to put the pics of them in my weekly wrap up. Saxon Algebra 1/2, my son is on lesson 25 & my daughter is on lesson 31. He's right on track for the way we planned his year. She is a few lessons behind so we revamped her year and that puts her back on track. We finished reading Oliver Twist & are now working on our 2nd book for the year, "The Iliad." We are not as far as I had wanted us to be, but we have made it up in to chapter 4 of our Shurley English. We've managed to get one lesson per week accomplished. I'm ok with that. Some is better than none. History with Josephus has moved slow this year, but my children have really been doing some logical thinking. They have given me their opinions on how things might have been in certain situations. So even though we are moving slow, they are learning history and learning to think about things and develop their own opinions. Their "God's Amazing Creation" book has caused some logical thinking also.

My daughter has been dabbling in to something that wasn't on our agenda this year. She had her 13th birthday and decided she wanted to make her own cake. Therefore, she has been practicing the art of cake decorating. I'll put some pics of her cake in my weekly wrap up. She did a great job for it to be her first cake. My birthday is coming up & I am supposed to be getting a cake.

We also went on a little mini vacation to Mount Cheaha for a weekend. We had a great time. Usually we camp when we go there. This time we rented a motel. We were thankful we did because we had not watched the news and the tempts tremendously dropped. Tents would have been quite nippy.

Hope all of you have been having a great year. Drop in sometimes and let me know you are still reading my blog. I have been so slack in posting, I'm not even sure if anyone is still reading. Happy Homeschooling!

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Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Same here! I want to blog regularly and be part of the homeschooling blogging community - it is fun to do, but does take some time and it's hard to fit in the day. To get me going, I decided to write something everything in November that I'm grateful for. (Join in, if you want, on your blog!) So far, I'm keeping up with the project, but it's only November 1, lol!

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