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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Teen in the House?

      I officially have a teenager in my home now. My daughter turned 13 on Oct. 19th. I just can't hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday when I recieved her in to this world. She was a beautiful bundle of joy that lit up my life. Time is traveling too fast for me. She is growing up entirely too quick.

      Anyway, let me get on with the rest of this post before I get all teary eyed thinking about my baby growing up. We feel like a child's 13th birthday is a special time in life so we wanted to make her's special for her. We had her a huge party. She chose all of the decorations, ordered them off line, sent out her own invitations, decorated the way she wanted, and decided to make her own cake. There were lots of guests & plenty of food for them all. She went with a horse theme. Here are some pics of preparation & the party.

Sarah's using her cake decorating kit that someone gave her. This was her first cake to decorate and she would not let us help her. We didn't know if she could handle this task by herself, but she had a lot of determination.

Getting closer to finishing her work of art as she runs a bead of icing around the bottom of the cake.

Everything finished but the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH" theme which she decided to let her aunt (a cake decorator) put the theme on the river for her.

My daugther is growing taller than me. We are at the end of the big "13th birthday" party blowout and I'm tired!

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Judy @ Contented at Home said...

I currently have THREE teens in the house--and I've got the grocery bill to prove it, LOL! I agree that they grow up far too fast (although I definitely love having another driver in the family!).
Your daughter did a beautiful job on her cake! My daughter is also 13 and loves horses.
Glad you're finding time to blog now and then! :-)

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