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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Great Holiday Fun

  Not a lot of schooling, but have had some great holidays. We've been like any other family this time of the year, lot's of cooking & eating been going on, plenty of good food. I'll have to share a quick & easy recipe that was shared with me for a lemon pie that involves no cooking.
    Of course, we also did the Black Friday shopping trip. This year my daughter and niece tagged along with us. They seemed to have enjoyed it pretty good. We even came home and wrapped some presents after the shopping trip. There's not anything like wrapping presents to get you in the Christmas spirit.
     We pulled all of our Christmas decorations out today and began to sort them so we can bring our house up for Christmas this week. We had bought some things on sale last year after Christmas was over & to be honest, I couldn't remember what all we had purchased. My children are wanting to decorate our tree in red and gold this year so we are going to have to pick up just a few more things to mix the colors. Gonna try to pick those items up on Monday so we possibly can have our house decorated by Wednesday. We love to get our home decorated and sit back, drink hot chocolate, and listen to audios/read great books until Christmas. We are open for any great selections to read for Christmas.
    Hope all of you have had great holiday fun too. Happy Homeschooling.

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Beloved's Bride said...

So, glad that you are enjoying the season. Hope you found some great deals. And, if you get a change let us get a glimpse of that red and gold tree! We always do white Christmas tree ornaments. It always turns out pretty but it is fairly simple looking.

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