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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Art of Cake Decorating

     Another gap in between my posts, but at least it's only a little over a week this time since my last post. Well, I have gotten older since my last post. Also in a new age bracket, the big 40's. I turned 40 last week. I had a wonderful birthday. My family blessed/spoiled me. My supper was prepared, along with a beautiful cake & some ice cream.
      My daughter did my cake. It was only her second cake to decorate. I loved it. She did a great job. The home made icing on it was delicious. Here are some pics of her fabulous decorating skills.

Sarah is preparing the icing for the cake.

She is decorating the cake with a butterfly and "Mom's 40" on top. The sides will have vines with pink roses and one pink flower on top.

Finished with a smiley face on the butterfly.

I have to admit, I was surprized at how she did such a great job on the vines and flowers on the side of the cake. I also have to express my joy that she did me a cake with a butterfly on it instead of the black & white over the hill 40's cake everyone usually has. I love butterflies. I'm proud of her decorating skills. I believe she is going to become a natural at cake decorating.

       My son prepared supper for me. He fixed a nice dish of enchiladas. They were delicious. We are beginning to have some great chefs in this house.

Matthew carefully bringing the enchiladas dish out of the oven.

Here is a close-up of the enchiladas fresh and hot out of the oven.

Our table is set with the main course of enchiladas and my birthday cake for dessert. Thank you Matthew and Sarah!

She just had to get the birthday Mom in the picture!

     Other than the great birthday, some school work & a park day with our local homeschool group.
     Today we are baking Amish Friendship bread. Going to try a couple of different flavors than we've tried in the past. Looking forward to tasting them.
       More later. Hope all of you are blessed. Happy homeschooling!

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