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Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Mid Year Review

    Today I took the time to sit down and look at our curriculum selections for the 2012/2013 school year to see how we were doing. To my surprise, we are actually pretty close to our schedule. We have had a very relaxed school year for weeks now. So relaxed I just knew that we were terribly behind our schedule. I don't try to make our schooling like the public school setting, but we do set goals and try real hard to meet them.
     We are not quite as far as I would like to be in our Saxon Algebra 1/2, but we have done a great deal of math this year. I'm ok with where we are at.
     English is fine. I don't really have goal points as of to how much we do per year. We just begin in an English book and work our way through it.
      History & Bible: pegging along through them.
     Literature: we have to finish up with "The Iliad" We are suppose to be done with this book by now, but due to my daughter just not quite enjoying the content we are having to work our way through it slowly. My son is having no problem with it. We have moved on to our next Literature selection and are about 2 chapters being done with it trying to keep us on track. If we can finish up with "The Iliad" before we start schooling back in January we will be right on schedule.
     Science,  on the other hand has been a different story. My children like it, but for some reason, none of us have been in the mood to even pick up our books. Things definitely have to change in this subject.
     As for our normal plans we are doing pretty good for the mid year review. We just can't seem to pull away from the Charlotte Mason method of schooling and follow with just our plans. If we would do that we would be further along in some of our other subjects. But, because we haven't done that we have added some extra reading in with some other great books that we have run across and that has caused us not to have the time to spend in the other subjects.
     Over all, we are having a wonderful year. Hope all of you are too, Happy Homeschooling! Please visit Kris's blog for more Weekly Wrap-Ups.


Lisa said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful year! We are very relaxed here, too. I need to keep plugging away to keep up with the goals I have in place, as well. I am one of those who beats myself up over the "am I doing enough" vs. "am I allowing them the freedom to explore and love learning" arguments. :-) Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

I was JUST thinking today that I should plan a mid-year review in January. We need to complete about 15 more days.

Being mostly where you're supposed to be is PERFECT. I'm pretty sure that in some of our subjects we're ahead and some right on and some "behind", but school is uneven and that's OK. Carry on! LOL

mrsthurin said...

You made it through the Iliad??? Wow! I for one could not do it hahahaha... the kids have not asked me yet why we have not finished it LOL! Maybe we will finish it... mmmaybe.

Phyllis said...

It is a struggle with me, too, to meet our goals and yet not be a slave to the schedule.

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