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Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

In Our Life This Week: We have been trying to get back in to our school routine with all of the happenings that has been throwing us off our schedule. The children really helped us do that by working extremely hard this week in doing their work. Even with missing two weeks of January not schooling I think we will finish the month with quite a bit of work accomplished.

In Our Homeschooling This Week: We managed at least two full lessons in each subject and a couple of more in other subjects.

In Saxon Algebra 1/2 both children did 2 lessons each. Neither of them seem to be having any trouble with their math this year. We probably could cover more lessons than we are covering if I would push them. I figure by the time they graduate though they will be worked plenty of math problems so why push them.

For Literature we have been reading and studying books by Charles Dickens. We thought we would make a bit of a twist in our new book so we chose a book that has Charles Dickens as a character, not written by him. Our new Literature book is "The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale" by

I'm not sure who is enjoying the book more, the children or their daddy. So far the book has been about a cat who doesn't eat Mice. He eats cheese. But he is suppose to be the mouser for a famous cheese factory. The cat has made a deal with the rats that if they will let him catch them in his mouth he will not eat them if they will give him some of the cheese that they steal. He just needs to make a good impression in front of the factory owner. That's where we left off today. Much laughter has gone up while reading this book. I'll update more next week. So far a great book though.

In History we are still using The Complete Works of Josephus for our spine. We have made it up to Noah and the flood. So this week we have moved to the Answers in Genesis website and have been reading the book titled "A Comparative Study of the Flood Accounts in the Gilgamesh Epic and Genesis." We have been using venn diagrams to compare the flood to the Gilgamesh Epic. We have not used venn diagrams in the past very much so by the time we finish this study they should feel comfortable using them in the future.

Our Science was a bit different this week. We have not used a curriculum. One night we could see a halo around the moon formed by ice crystals so we took it upon ourselves to see why they were there and how they formed. Not sure if you will be able to tell a lot about it but here's a pic anyway.

It turns out that this is not an uncommon occurrence. We used the internet for this study.

Last of all for our schooling this week was our Library Read Aloud. We began the second book in the John Stranger Series by Al Lacy. It is a book about the wild west, outlaws, and shootouts in the street. My children are loving it. We love to read books by Al Lacy because they are also inspirational. Al Lacy's books could be used as great living books for history studies. We have not read one that we don't like.

What We Have Been Cooking This Week: lots of soups for vitamins trying to recooporate from our sickness.

Home Management: We've been doing the Fly Lady routines and they have worked wonders for our home. Only been at it for about a month now and I'm amazed at how clean our home is becoming. My stress level has been lower due to me just doing a bit of swishing swiping each day, not letting the house take over us.

I think this will about wrap up our week. I'm joining up with Kris over at the Weekly Wrap Up. If you would like to read some more great blogs drop over there for the Weekly Wrap Up and see what others are up to. You will be blessed.


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Really cool moon photo! We noticed the halo earlier this month...Sorry to hear you guys have been ill! It seems to be a "theme" with a lot of on-line and off-line people these days. :( But it sounds like you're getting back to "life" again! Take care!

Michelle said...

I find that I function much better with a cleaned up house. Everyday after school we pick up for a few minutes. At about 7pm we pick up for the night, run the vaccum and sweep. The kitchen gets cleaned up by the big girls. I'm much less stressed and I get more done in our school day because my eye's not twitching looking at the mess!!
Glad to hear that your on the mend. It is awful to be sick like that!

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