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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why Can't Homeschoolers Ever Seem to Keep Schedules?

     Well, let's see, I was suppose to start yesterday looking over our curriculum to see where we would begin our schooling for the second half of our year and we were to begin school back on Wednesday. That was the original plan. My children and my uncle's children changed those plans. They are homeschoolers also. All of the children plotted against us, the parents, and decided that my children needed to come spend the week with them and they would all begin school next Monday. Is that the way this homeschooling business works, the children make the schedule, lol?  Anyway, that is the way the ball rolled so we won't begin the second half of our school term until next Monday.
    My hubby and I have been enjoying some husband & wife time. We brought the new year in with just the two of us. Then, we had a wonderful dinner today, black eyed peas, mac. & cheese, fried chicken breast strips, & Mexican jalapeno corn bread. Tonight the two of us are just taking some computer time. This time of the year is usually so busy we don't get to get on our computers to often. We figured that since it was just the two of us and the house was cleaned we could have some computer time without feeling guilty that we needed to be doing something else.
     Our pantry shelves are getting a little low on some things so today we took a little time and went out couponing for a bit. When our shelves begin to get a little low on things we take about 4 or 5 weeks hitting the sales, using our coupons and stock them back up. A great big thanks to my Mom for teaching us to coupon. It saves us money and gives us a variety of food to make our menu up.
     Tomorrow I will be packing up our Christmas things for another year. I'm hoping I will have time after that to give my stove a good cleaning also. We will see. I have to go back to work tomorrow evening.
     I have truly enjoyed my Christmas break. I read a couple of Christmas books & reread 4 of the Laura Ingalls books. If I ever have free time that is what I like to do, read, read, read. Most would probably say I live a dull life.
     Hope all of you have been enjoying your holidays. Three cheers to a new year!


Michelle said...

Its a conspiracy to keep us off schedule!! Glad you got to spend some nice quality time with your hubby!! Enjoy your weekend off!! (do we ever really have time off?)

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Sorry, I am just getting to reading your comment Michelle, you're right we don't ever get time off. Sometimes we just get to pause in slow motion and enjoy some of the things we like to do and then here comes someone by and they release the pause button and here we go again, wide open.

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