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Friday, June 21, 2013

Working Through the Summer

     We finally picked our books back up this week. After a long break from books we are now back on track. We haven't jumped full fledge back in to our books, but we did get some Bible lessons done, along with some reading in our Library Read Aloud, and Literature.
      We are only in to  the third chapter in our Literature of "A Tale of Two Cities" but both children appear to be enjoying it. Earlier this year my daughter was not too fond of the Literature selections brother had chosen so we didn't finish the selection. I think this one will be a go.
     They also worked on their biographical book reports on Charles Dickens this week. Daughter finished hers, but brother still has about one more day of work. Beings daughter wasn't too fond of "The Iliad" we began just reading books about Charles Dickens or by him and turned our Literature in to a study of his life. Maybe next week we can pull in some more of our subjects.
     They both left last night going to a youth service about 4 hours away and will be gone the entire weekend. Happy for time alone with my hubby, but will sure miss my little darlings. That sounds so funny calling them that when one is about to be 14 and the other one 13. Oh well, they will always be my babies.
     I am working on losing weight again and so far it is coming along real well. I weigh in tomorrow for the third week of weighing in.
     Next week my daughter and I are going to sit down and write out her Home Economics requirements  for next year. She will check off each item on the list as it is completed and when all items have been done then she will receive her credit for Home Ec.
     Currently, I am reading lots of books on different diets, grasping nuggets from different one's. So far the one about the three hour diet is probably my favorite. I know that is the one I have been using for an outline of my daily intake and I am losing weight so that gives it a plus for me. I have also gotten encouragement from "The Biggest Loser Ever" diet book.
     I think this about wraps up our week. Not much more is going on around here. Hope all of you are having a great week and have a wonderful weekend.
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