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Monday, August 16, 2010

We Interrupt Our Schooling

My nephew started attending a private school last year. He was in the 10th grade. Before he came to school on the first day he was informed he had to do a book report to turn in the first day of school. We thought it was some type of entrance exam because of it being his first year attending the school. We find out that they give their students a book report every year a few weeks before school starts. Due to that, our schooling was interrupted.

My nephew came over this morning and we have been reading the book "The Crucible" by Arthor Miller. It is a play written about the Salem Witch Trials. My children and I haven't covered this part of history very much so we decided to read and discuss the play with him. We have talked about the Salem Witch Trials just a bit, but not anything like this play goes in to detail with it. The play its self was pretty good. I just didn't like the occasional curse word here and there. It was a little meaty for my 9 and 10 year old, but not anything they didn't comprehend so I think we'll be ok. We are going to write a narration/book report on it also. I guess our school work wasn't exactly interrupted, just a change of lesson plans. I think it stirred up the researcher in my DC because they act like they want to research further in to the Salem Witch Trials now. Charlotte Mason said we should let our children's interest lead us into a world of study so I guess as long as we are grasping new information we'll just keep traveling on through the atmosphere of education.

We have swimming tomorrow with another home school family so we'll get back to our normal lesson plans on Monday. Until the next post, bless you all, Traci

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