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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

     Our week has been a might different this week. My sister's husband's grandmother passed away so we haven't gotten much schooling done. We've been seeing to the family carrying food each day so we had to put our schooling on hold for the most part.
    We did manage to get Copy Work, Literature, and Narration done. We also had our Art class at the library with our homeschool group and P.E. at the park. I hope to buckle down this coming week to get some serious schooling in. I've got to overcome my flesh to get that done. It is National Organizational Week and I'm really wanting to get on board and do some organizing around here. If I do that, there goes my schooling again this week. Hopefully I can get some of both done. I suppose I'll just have to find that balancing point.
     Well not a whole lot more has been happening so I guess I'd better go for now. Hope everyone has been having a happy homeschooling. Bless you all, Traci 

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Makita said...

Hi! In case you missed my reply to your ? on my blog ... yes, the online geography co-op is open to everyone. Play along! :)

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