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Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up

     We made it to the library this week to collect some more treasures to go along with our studies. I have been thoroughly enjoying our selections.
    We are in the process of finishing up The Sign of the Beaver as our Library Read Aloud and they liked Elizabeth George Speare's style of writing so they chose another one of her books for our next Library Read Aloud. Library Read Aloud is a book that we choose to read from audio or their dad reads it to us. We feast on sharing a great book together as a family. That was our first Elizabeth George Speare book. I can already tell that she is going to become one of my children's favorite authors, as Scott O'Del did last year.
    One of the Magic Tree House books was chosen to dive deeper into our Ancient Egyptian study. (Mummies and Pyramids) This is also our first Magic Tree House book because I wanted to make sure that my children understood magic and fantasy before reading any of these books. So far things are going great.
    Geography has been the thrill of the week. Paddle to the Sea was chosen for geography. Paddle has already become a friend in just a few pages. This is the subject my children have worked diligently on this week. They have already added several pages to their notebooks. That is my plans for this study. Make notebook pages, add maps of the Great Lakes, map Paddle's ,  journey on one map, watch the video on Youtube, and do a diary/journal telling where Paddle has been and predictions of his future travels. Oh, and we will also do vocabulary terms. I'm not sure how slow I should take it with this book, but if I don't slow my children up we will finish the book in about 2 1/2 weeks. They would finish it quicker than that if I would allow them.
     Here are some of their notebooking pages they did this week.

    This is my daughter's front cover page to our Paddle to the Sea study.

    This one is my son's.

This is my daughter's page tracing Paddle's journey as we go through the book. They will move across the map as we travel.

     This is my son's notebooking page of the warbler, the bird that took a rest on Paddle.

This one is my daughter's color & label the Great Lakes page.

     This is my daughter's notebooking Mnemonic's page on the Great Lakes.

     And the last page is my son's Mnemonic's page on the Great Lakes. I want to do some mnemonic pages so maybe it will help their minds remember the names of the Great Lakes. My son liked this.

     Copy Work, Poetry, and Math were slow this week. We did not do Simply Grammar and Writing Strands this week. We focused more on reading and geography skills.
     I'm looking forward to next week getting back in to our adventures we are embarking upon. I don't know if it is like this for any of you, but it seems to me that we always tend to be getting really involved with our studies and then it is the end of the week and we have to put them off until Monday. Sometimes before Monday gets here I'm about to burst. I just can't hardly wait to get back to a book that left us hanging at just that right point, you know a cliff hanger. Then there's the wait. Enough for now. Hope all are having a happy homeschooling, Traci.

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Ring Leader said...

Love, love, love Paddle to the Sea. Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio we read it every year. The other Holling books are good too! Thanks for visiting my blog. Stopped by to look around and follow. Many blessings!

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