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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Open Ears Full of Expectancy

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

                                                Psalms 62:5

                This morning I rose before my children in hopes to find a word from God that would carry me through the day as I fulfilled my duties as my children’s mom & teacher. This is the scripture that God give me for the day.
                The Word, which is Jesus, is telling me that I don’t have to do anything. My soul should not be troubled as my day is approaching. All I have to do is quietly listen, wait, for him, God, to speak. Just take time to hear and he will give me the direction for the day.
                The ability to make accomplishments for the day should not be put in my children’s or my abilities. Any accomplishments expected to be made for the day should be placed upon him. Do not put my faith in my abilities, nor my children’s abilities. All confidence should be placed upon him, God. He is the one that I should expect to help us have an efficient day. He’s the over comer, the one with all the power, the one in control of all things. He is also the one who knows all things. For instance, anything that the enemy would try to place in our path to hinder our day with, he knows that.  Therefore, he can stop the enemy in his tracks & not allow him to interrupt our day, or he can have a defense set in place to protect us from the enemy’s tactics. Whatever he so desires to do, however he chooses to dissolve the issue, it is his choice. He is the one in control, not my children, nor I. We are just willing vessels desiring to follow his plan for the day.
                So today, I don’t expect my children & I to accomplish any more than what God would help us accomplish. I’m just expecting. Expecting what? Expecting God to help us.  

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