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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily God Has A Plan For Eac of Our Lives

Well, youth camp is not going quite as planned. Instead of being at the church with all the youth, I am presently spending camp in the motel room. We had a couple of campers to get what appears to be a virus, and guess who is the nurse. Yep, you guest it, me. When you take on the task of working with the youth, God has different callings for everyone. I suppose today my calling is to be Youth Camp Nurs, praise God. I will fulfill my duty with pleasure. We are not to complain, so I am not complaining. I would ask all of you that are reading my blog to please hold our young people up in your prayers. We are praying for the ones that are sick and are praying that the others do not catch the sickness. Thanks everyone in advance for your prayers.

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