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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Home From Youth Camp

Hello everyone, I have finally made it home from Youth Camp. We were suppose to have come home on Saturday, but just made it in yesterday evening. Our trip was prolonged.
In my last post I was the nurse taking care of the campers that appeared to have a virus. There was two of them. One of them recovered before the day was over. The other one was my son. To make a long story short, he is going to take a few weeks to recover. Our trip was prolonged due to an emergency surgery. My son had to have an Appendectomy on Friday. So we had to remain there to give him a couple of days to be ready to make a 5 hour ride back. We are home now and God is healing him marvelously.
I will be posting my weekly wrap up later today, Lord's willing.


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

Oh dear!! I will keep all of you in my prayers. I wish a speedy recovery to your son.

Traci's Teaching Times said...

Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. The Dr. give us a list of things that he can not do for the next three weeks. The one that is bothering him the most is he can not ride his bike for three weeks.

Beloved's Bride said...

I hope he heals fast as well. How thankful that I am you were there at Camp with him! My My.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Oh, wow! So sorry to hear about your son! I hope he's doing well and heals quickly! What a camp experience! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Traci's Teaching Times said...

I was very greatful that I had gone to camp with our youth group also. I would not have had time to get there before the surgery if I had not been. I thank God he allowed us to go.

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