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Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up


   Here's a peek in to our past two weeks. The first photos will be from last week at youth camp, then a couple of my baby at the hospital, and then our studies this week after our return home from the hospital.

It was terribly hot during the day. On the first day (this was Matthew's only day of fun) Matthew & Sarah had a fun way of cooling each other down by throwing water on each other. In fact the whole entire group was pouring water on each other.

This is how you look after you carry a van full of fun loving boys back & forth from the hotel to the Youth services. And to think my Mom wanted my hubby to drive a school bus for a living.

One of the boys had to make me a bride with some paper towel decorations. Aren't boys funny. My DH and I thoroughly enjoyed chaperoning this group of young gentleman.

Making funny pictures with our youth group. My DH on the left acts like I talk too much and tries to cover my mouth. I just don't understand him, sometimes. LOL

We finally got a good picture without clowning around. This was a pretty tough job. Out side the church services, clowning and having fun seemed to be their mind-set.

The alter was full at the end of every service! All these youth were sincere about their commitment with God and prayed for a long time without anyone pressuring them, awesome.

Everyone enjoyed and was blessed by the youth singing. Very moving.

The heatwave didn't stop this bunch. They played volleyball, flag football and horseshoes.
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Matthew after having his appendix removed.

Waiting for a wheelchair escort to leave the hospital.

Yeah! Finally back at home! Matthew is researching the Appendix & watched a real opperation.

Sarah has found 2 virtual operation game websites; Surgery GamesSurgery Squad. WARNING, parents check these out first, they are the real thing and only for a strong stomach. These are great if your child wants to be a doctor!
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Sad to say, everyone had a great time except my son. He got very sick after the first day and wouldn't do anything but sit by me and watch everyone else playing. We thought it was just a virus, but he had a lot of pain around his stomach which got worse and we ended up going to the emergency room and after a few test the doctor said he had appendecitis. They said it would have ruptured if he would have been playing like the rest of the group. So I thank God for the way it happened!
As a homeschooler, Matthew was interested in all the gadgets at the hospital. He was full of questions and he looked on the internet later when we got home for the answers. Talk about a hands on experience the hard way. My heart goes out to you son (my baby).
Well, that was my weekly wrap-up. Hope you all enjoyed visiting with a marvelous youth group.


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

The picture of your husband cracked me up! I'm glad to see your little guy is up and about. What a recap!

Phyllis said...

I am glad he is back home and feeling better.

Alex Dixon said...

I am the Project Manager for Clearly Trained, developers of Surgery Squad, and it's great to see that Sarah is having so much enjoyment out of our website! Make sure you check us out on Facebook, and if she has any ideas for future surgeries, let us know!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that everything went okay!! How very scary for all of you. Praying for a speedy recovery.

The picture of your hubby cracked me up!!

And thanks for stopping by. Still waiting......I'm not patient with things like this. I like to plan things out y'know. Take care and have a wonderful summmer!! Talk to ya soon!! Oh, and your package will finally be mailed this week!! Sorry for the delay!

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