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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Cooking/Happening Around Our House

     Summer is official at our house now. We grilled for the first time this summer. You all know that's what folks in Alabama like to do during the summer. You'd think it's so hot down south we'd not want to get outside and stand by a hot grill, but there's just something about having a grill going with all those nice aromas floating in the air, Ah...
     We've had a wonderful evening of family time. Dad fired up the grill and we cooked out. The food was great, but the fellowship together was marvelous. I would not trade anything for my days with my family. Now I'm not trying to paint a picture perfect family that's as sweet as a comb of icecream because every day is not like that. But, we are family and love spending time together.

     As for our schooling for the summer, we don't have a schedule. At the present moment my children are researching the Statue of Liberty, just collecting a bit of information from the internet and putting together a short report. They turned their report in today so tonight they'll probably get out their models of the Statue of Liberty I had found and start working on them. They are the neatest little kits and I found them at a local store for only $ 2.00 each. The kit is like a model car kit, really cute.
     We are also still reading our book Tiger, Tiger about Julius Caesar, and our Hank the Cowdog book about the tornado. We are just taking our time and enjoying the summer. We have two other books we are dabbing in about the human body and one about horses. See, I told you we don't have a schedule this summer. We're just catching the breeze and letting it carry us from one study to another. We'll pick back up in August with a schedule. Until then, we'll just fly in and out different studies. Hope all of you are having a great summer.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful night and a very relaxing summer schedule. The funny thing is that I'm from Western NY and we grill all year round, even in the snow!! Too funny!

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I like seeing families that enjoy being together.

We once had a neighbor light up a BBQ on his fire escape during a power outage. The neighbors went crazy yelling at the guy through the windows to put it out. Not quite a peaceful and private as the scenes in your lovely photos. :) Enjoy many such dinners this summer!

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