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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up

     We have had a more relaxing week this week. Elton & I were shopping at Dirt Cheap a few days ago looking for bargains. We found plastic models of; The Statue of Liberty, Pirate Pistols, The Walton's Car and even Dinosaurs. They were $20 each @ 50% off, but that was too much for us, so we decided to wait. A deal worth waiting for! By the time we went back to the store the models were marked down to 90%. Wow! We couldn't believe the models were still there & sold to us for $2.00 each. $125 dollars worth of models for only $12.50. Matthew assembled his very first model in his life & loved it. He followed the directions & did a good job. Our next step is to buy some model paint & put on the finishing touches.
     We also bought a shopping cart full of items for $10.00. Why they throw a bunch of stuff in a cart from time to time, I don't know, but I like it.There has been times we only spent $3 to $4 dollars on a cart. This cart had a 5 pad digital drum set (drum sticks missing) $50 value, 2 beautiful lamps, 3 lamp shades, 3 auto phone chargers, several phone batteries, several curtain rods, etc.
     Back to the Statue of Liberty now, here are some pictures of Matthew patiently building his model.

An easy to assemble model for Matthews first time experience.

He is carefully gluing pieces together over wax paper so there is no mess.

With the foundation complete, all that is left is to glue the statue on top.

Here it is, an aerial view of the Statue of Liberty.

A look at it from the front. Imagine yourself on a ship seeing this for the first time while coming into the harbor, awesome! 

There was a place mat in the shopping cart with the Statue of Liberty on it, really neat.

Of course we couldn't wrap-up this week without a good game of Junior Scrabble. Yes, we had to break out the dictionary. Whoever heard of the word "craked?" Sarah Grace, that's who. She had to prove herself to her dad.

Can you look at us a tell it's getting late? But we can't stop yet!

Somehow Sarah finally won the game. She's our literarian. Matthew is our scientist.

      Sarah has taken it upon herself to do workbooks (language arts, math, etc.) practice piano, guitar & other instruments, read, write stories & practice art (drawing & painting) in her spare time. She is really maturing this year.
     Matthew tells his dad that he has not quite grown out of the playing stage yet. His favorite pastime is to get down in the dirt in the backyard with toy soldiers or his many Hot Wheels cars and build a city or a fort. He said he may grow up next year, but I say what's the hurry! We want them to enjoy being children and most of all enjoy being a family at home.
     That's our weekly wrap-up. Be sure to go over to Kris's blog and read her Weekly Wrap-up: The One with the Game Playing and all her guest's weekly wrap-ups. Make sure you check them all so you don't miss anything and you're sure to pick up on a good idea or two. Have a happy Father's Day with your dad, husband or grandad. Traci


Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I have never heard of a store like that. It sounds like a treasure hunting! The model looks fantastic. And thanks for the photos of the game...I had the goal last fall to play more games with the kids, but I haven't been good about keeping it up.

Michelle said...

Look for us in 2013 to hit AL. I have to head home that year for a few graduations. I was hoping to go in 2012, but to turn around and do two back to back cross country trips was too much. Next summer, we're staying in the west....WY and CO for summer trips. Sounds like you're having a fun summer so far!! And yes, when I come, we'll definitely have to have ice cream!

Sharla said...

What a great deal on the models!!! It looks like they will provide hours of fun and learning too!

Phyllis said...

I love the Statue of Liberty.

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