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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Camping for Schooling

      Hey, guys, we are having loads of fun, just not enough time for me to get everything on my blog. Two weeks of weekly wrap up are in the making, just haven't had time to post. But, we are having fun.
Here's a few picts of us while we are camping.

This area were I snapped the pictures was very high up over the wide beach. Up top was three pavillions, bathrooms, showers, laundry, snack machines, playground and many picnic tables. You can sit at the tables and easily watch your children play or swim in the water.
Theres a volley ball net on this end of the beach. The creek keeps winding its way back into the woods for several miles, great for canoeing! That's a hovercraft that was being tested while we were there.
Me blogging! My children are off swimming, riding bikes, rock hunting or hiking somewhere around here everyday.
Looks like Matthew and Sarah are panning for gold. They were looking for rocks on the bottom of the creek.

Me with my cellphone attached to my face! Notice behind me all the modern conviences of home.

Sarah's helping me cook bacon and pancakes for breakfast.

     Oh, I had forgotten how great Smores tasted! M--m--m, we made them around our camp fire the first night & they have been a hit each night since. Mama has looked forward to that each night. OOPS, did I say that? The children are suppose to be enjoying those aren't they.
     We met another homeschooling family here. How awesome that was! That's twice we have gone camping in September and made friends with other homeschoolers. We met the first family about 4 years ago & have kept in touch, sending little gifts back & forth to the children. They have been some great friends.
     Well, my computer time is up so more later. Happy homeschooling this week!


Beloved's Bride said...

It looks like loads of fun! We are enjoying our homeschool- camping time too. Botany class is getting a good work out. ;)

Chef Penny said...

Looks like great fun! You are so brave to put pics of you up too! :P

Michelle said...

How fun!! Check out my blog and see our new "home", which is our new camper. We'll be in it for the next three years at least. I hope to get some nice travels in during the summer. We'll be settled here for a little bit, which will give the kids a chance at doing some great activities!


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