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Monday, December 12, 2011

Reading Our Way Through The Season

In My Life This Week:
     I managed to get all of the things on my list done for house cleaning. My hubby dusted the top of the fridge & freezer, cleaned off my bar, & the top of the bread box. I washed all of the bed covers, along with keeping my clothes washed, dried, & folded, & the dishes done every day. Oh, between my hubby, my son & I, we also got my front door covered so we could put the wreath up.
     Our Christmas program at church was yesterday. This year our church chose not to go with the Christmas story (Nativity). We dedicated our program to our Senior Citizens this year & titled it Please Don't Throw Us Away? It was great! We did it with an old poarch scene with several of our Senior citizens sitting on it just talking. They went in to how the government wants to get rid of our elders, how the new generations need the elders to teach them the old paths of prayer & trusting God, oh, it was just great. Then our angels came out & sang Christmas carols. It was simple, but good.

In Our Home School This Week:
     We are still reading through The Secrets of Vesuvius for history. For Literature we finished the version of Robinson Crusoe that we were reading. We have another version in the Great Illustrated Classics so now my children want to read it & do a comparison. The Great Illustrated Classic version looks like it may go in to more detail than the first version we read.

     I'm a firm believer that the more my children read the better their spelling will be. With that in mind we are concentrating on quite a bit of reading during this season. We read two short books this week titled: A Very Marley Christmas by John Grogan & The Miracle Tree by Christobel Mattingley. We also started a Hank The Cow Dog book titled: The Wounded Buzzard On Christmas Eve. My children love reading these books. They always bring lots of laughter into our home.

     No math or English was accomplished this week other than their own writing & counting their own money when shopping.

     That's good though. Life skills have to be learned. We have also been using The Power of a Christmas Prayer to lead us in our family devotions each day & to study the birth of Jesus.

Helpful Home School Tip Of the Week Or Advice:
     Don't stress yourself out during this season over all of the fast living. Accomplish what you can & enjoy the season, especially your family.

My Favorite Thing This Week:
    Was when we saw the power of God come down in our church service & my friend got healed. It was marvelous.

What I'm Reading:
     I finished the first book of the Thomas Kinkade series, Cape Light Novel, I was reading & have started the second one, Home Song.

     I think that about wraps up our week If there is more my mind just isn't thinking of it right now. For more great weeks drop over to the HMJ & check out the fellow bloggers that have joined up. I know you will be blessed by reading about their weeks.
Everyone have a wonderful week!


Lisa said...

Wow, the play at your church sounds wonderful! More people need to hear a message such as that!

You got so much done-- good for you! And your children are getting much good reading done. I love reading with my kids. It is a special time together, that's for sure.

Hope you have a great week!
Many blessings,

Traci @ Traci's Teaching Times said...

Reading is such a special time with our children Lisa. When our family reads together we laugh, cry & be sad together, etc. Sometimes weeks on in after we have read a book one of us will bring up some part of a certain book & begin to talk about it. I can just feel the closeness of being able to share in the details of the book. It is so nice. I would not trade these memories we are making for anything.

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

Your Christmas play sounds very special! We're looking forward to a children's program on Sunday morning(6 of our kids will be participating), and then a special candlelight service Sunday evening.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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