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Monday, December 24, 2012

InOur Life: We have been having Christmas all weekend with our family and our church. My Mom's Christmas dinner with her entire family was wonderful. There was 81 of us. We all were surprised when my cousin & her family came in. They were not suppose to be able to come, but took a flight that day and made it just moments after everything got started. They came straight from the airport there. Even her sister did not know she was going to slip her family in at the last minute. Them coming home was a great Christmas present for the family.
      Yesterdaywas Christmas with our church family. My Sunday school class, I and the other teacher chose to do our party a bit different this year. Our walls in our room were decorated with palm trees and different things so we decided to have a Tropical Christmas. All of our refreshments consisted of different tropical fruits, a pink fluff with pineapple in it, and a fruity punch. It was different from our previous Christmas parties, but everyone seemed to enjoy it.
We had a Christmas breakfast with my parents, sisters and their families, and my brother this morning. Again, another wonderful time. Cheer all around with the cousins having a good time together.
     Back home tonight and already had our family Christmas. I don't think there is a complaint anywhere about any gift. We all in this house was truly blessed with more and beyond what we deserved. God was really good to us.
     In Our Schooling: we finished up our Apologia Physical Science module, some Literature reading, and a few English lessons. We are done until January.
     What I am Thankful For: that we are developing daily cleaning routines and our home is being kept neat and tidy.
     I think this will be a wrap up so I will have time to get this posted. Hope all of you have a very very Merry Christmas. God bless you all. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.  

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